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Production and installation of printed products

We offer services for the production and installation of printed products (promotional materials, decoration) under the key. Our experts will assist in the realization of design projects of any complexity, efficiently and at a high level solving a client tasks. We offer interior designers favorable conditions for cooperation and flexible system of discounts based on quantities ordered services.

Our services

Making Decor items, made of different materials with the application of full-color images
Making Decorative items made of glass and mirrors
Milling and paint & varnish works of products of wood, chipboard, MDF, decorating furniture and other interior items
Qualitative UV and eco-solvent printing on any kind of surfaces and materials
Delivery and installation of designs
Production and decorating kitchen aprons from glass
Making Light boxes, panels with backlighting. Advice on the installation of decorative lighting elements
Making Photo walls with the possibility of applying any images
Print Images on self-adhesive film to set the self-leveling floors
Consultations on the choice of materials for printing and mounting elements

Partnership with furniture manufacturers

We offer a comprehensive approach and favorable conditions of cooperation of furniture manufacturers:

Printing a full color quality images on a mirror, glass, wood, chipboard, MDF
Ordering necessary materials
Delivering and installation of finished designs
Free installation of samples in the salons and showrooms

Cooperate with us is convenient and profitable. We guarantee the print quality, speed and flexible system of discounts for furniture manufacturers, depending on the amount of work required. To learn more about the conditions of cooperation and the size of discounts, please contact our consultants.

Production and installation of advertising materials

We provide comprehensive services for the production and installation of advertising materials and designs:

UV and eco-solvent printing on all materials and surfaces
Making panel with backlight and light ducts
Installation panels and decorative elements
Production and installation of volumetric letters and light advertising designs
Print images on self-adhesive film and banners

We offer our partners favorable terms of cooperation, quality, efficiency and the flexible system of discounts. Learn more about our partnership programs, you can by contacting our consultants.